It's time to Get tattooed

our tattoo artist is skilled professionals who specialize in designing completely 
original tattoos for every client. We can work with existing designs, reference material, or ideas straight from your mind. 

Body Tattooing

Yaye Tattoo beautifies your body by beautiful tattoos of your desire. Tattooing is not only our job, but our life. So, we want our life to be full of happiness. Our happiness comes when we deliver your wish or idea in to a beautiful tattoo on your body.

Scar Covering Tattoo

Are you feeling stressed or disenchanted because of one time accident scar on your body? First Class Tattoo says, “It’s over”. We are here for you. In our four years’ experience we have perfected covering scars with very gorgeous tattoos.

Unique Tattoos

First Class Tattoo is all about unique and exclusive tattoo designs. We specialize in custom artwork, drawn by our talented artist to fit your unique design needs. We are not only tattooist, but creative and perfectionist. We can also design your idea to make it tattoo in your body. At First Class Tattoo, nothing remains abstract or conceptual. We can creatively change abstract ideas in to gorgeous meaningful tattoos.

Consulting & Advising

You want to get tattoo, but not sure what tattoo to get or where to get it or how to get it; call or visit us. We are always happy to help you answer those questions. A consultation appointment is a free service offered by us to the client so they can brainstorm with their artist. This is a chance for the client to give the artist their idea and bring any reference images, and for the artist to figure out what will look good and work with the placement of the piece on the body.

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